Custom Apparel


Custom Branded ApparelIt’s been proven – there’s no better advertising than customers and employees wearing your brand. We are design and apparel experts. Your brand can be walking around retail stores and city blocks in no time.

Branded apparel consistently has the highest ROI of any advertising medium. We offer only the highest-quality brands, like Nike, Adidas, Devon and Jones, and Port Authority. With T-shirts, polos, outerwear and more, we have you covered no matter the clothes, and no matter your budget. Contact us today to speak with a custom apparel specialist about your needs 847-297-7700 or

Screen Printing

  • Spot Colors, 1-12 Color Capability
  • 4-Color Process, on White and Dark Garments
  • Digital Press Printing, Full-Color + Customization for Low Runs
  • Non-Standard Locations, Such as Over-The-Seam and Bleeding Off of The Bottom Hem
  • Jumbo- and Over-Sized Screen Printing
  • A Wide Variety of Specialty Inks and Decorations, See the Gallery Below for Our Capabilities!


  • Hundreds of Embroidery Heads to Turn Around Even the Largest Orders in 5-7 Working Days
  • Premium Decoration Methods, Including “Puff” Embroidery
  • Appliqués and Patches
  • Custom Monogramming
  • Mixed Media Decorations (Embroidery+Screen Printing)

Specialty Inks and Decorations


We have come a long way in the last 10-15 years in regards to new ink technologies, screen making techniques and decoration textures. Puff ink used to be the only specialty tool we had… now our imagination is our only boundary. These days, our customers, much like retail customers, demand a much more sophisticated garment. The investment we make in R&D to stay ahead of the curve is one of the core drivers of our continued success. As you can see from the examples below, the possibilities are endless! We use a core palette of specialty inks and bases that lay the foundation for many of these samples. The ink alone, however, doesn’t create that one of a kind look we are going after – the real magic is in the limitless creativity of our staff!

Printed apparel with a super soft feel is huge right now. In fact, it’s the most common request we get. Soft prints are so desirable, it’s not likely this is a trend that will fizzle out. For this reason, we have an entire page dedicated to the various methods that can be used to achieve this affect. They include soft-hand base additives, water-based inks, and discharge inks.

One of the original specialty effects in the world of screen printing. Puff ink is a plastisol that has been modified with the addition of a heat reactive foaming agent. The ink expands when exposed to high temperature heat as the garment is cured.

Suede ink was derived from puff ink. The process for printing is similar, but suede ink results with with a raised fuzzy nap reminiscent of suede leather.

This 3-D specialty ink achieves its best affect when printed in layers. High temperature is introduced in the curing process causing the ink to raise into a high square stack.

The specialty clear inks can be printed to add a super-glossy shine to any design. These inks can also be stacked for dimensional printing. Shown here with silver shimmer.

You guessed it – turn out the lights and areas printed with glow ink are illuminated in that yellowish green effect we know and love, as glow. We take it one step further too, with a selection of colored glow inks. Now you can glow in blue, white, purple, orange, red, green and yellow!

These fun inks are practically invisible when indoors and come alive when you step into the sun. Ultra violet light brings out the pigment in the design. The brighter the UV rays, the brighter the print becomes.

Tiny reflective flakes suspended in a clear carrier ink make these sparkly metallic inks. The print is nice and solid in 100% fill areas. Available in silver, gold, and bronze. Shown here with special effects clear ink.

Foil is actually a heat press application, but can be applied on press for certain affects. Foil adheres to plastisol inks or a clear foil adhesive. Available in silver, gold, bronze, red, and blue. There are some awesome iridescent foil affects available too – just check with your sales rep.

Functional for safety and a cool effect for designers to play with, garments printed with reflective ink provide enhanced visibility for joggers, cyclists, construction workers and others who work around traffic at night.

All-Over and Over-Sized Screen Print Samples

Over-sized prints, all-over prints, belt printing… there are many different names for it but not too many screen printers in the US are doing it. Agency Promo Group has been following this trend toward larger and larger prints for years but not until the recent acquisition by our decoration facility of the new over-sized Alpha 8 screen printing press were we able to accomplish such huge designs. The addition of this equipment and technology is just another example of how committed APG is to bringing the latest innovations in screen printing and embroidery to our customers.

See more samples of our work