New Branded Marketing Ideas From the ASI Show Chicago 2012

The ASI Show in Chicago is an excellent opportunity to check out what is new in the fields of promotional products, imprinted apparel, and branded marketing products. There was a lot of the usual stuff in the way of pens, bags, and apparel in the various booths in McCormick Place. Here is a list of just a few of the things that stood out to us from the show.


The Wedge is a wedge-shaped beanbag mobile device stand compatible with any media device with the added benefit of a microfiber cleaning surface on the bottom. It’s a branding tool that will stay on desks indefinitely.



There were a lot of neoprene can coolers being offered at the show. But the Deluxe Custom Coolie features an outer fabric that continues from the outside to the inside with a clean woven edge at the top of the cooler. It costs a little more. But it really stands out when you compare it to competing products.





There are a lot of promotional products for cleaning the screen of you mobile device. The 2”x4” Digi Pad can be used as a mouse pad or as extra wrist padding on your laptop, then you can peel it off, clean your screen and put it right back where it was. I have a pair on my laptop as I type this and think they are excellent. Another interesting option is the MicroStand. It’s a cleaner that lays flat on the back of a device or it can be used as a device stand.  Something this useful will be kept and used regularly.






Best of Times portable and customizable bars feature steel frames and sturdy molded shelves and additional accessories such as a drop in cooler and side tables that would be useful at either outdoor on indoor events. After the event, the bar collapses down and fits in a four foot long, 20 inch by 20 inch bag.




If you are looking for a top shelf water bottle, I strongly suggest checking out the 22 oz. Clean Bottle. The body is made of polyethylene (recycling #4) and the caps are made of polypropylene (recycling #5).  Both are recyclable and both are BPA free. The cap and bottom come off and the spout nipple even comes out as well to make cleaning easy.  This is of particular use to active people drinking energy drinks or protein shakes.






Bamboo is a hot new material used in a variety of eco-friendly products. Bamboo Studio’s series of round coasters, bowls and flatwear feels like ceramic, is dishwasher safe, sturdy, colorful, FDA approved, and 100% biodegradable.



If you think any of these promotional products might help you with a branding problem, please contact us and we will be happy to supply you with any of them, as well as other custom apparel or branded trade show giveaways for your upcoming event.

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