For Immediate Release: Agency Promo Group Uses Emerging Technology to Serve Clients Better, Faster and More Economically

[CHICAGO, IL  June 26, 2012] Agency Promo Group (APG), a premier supplier of branded marketing products (also known as premium items), custom apparel, trade show displays and event signage, has cut costs and lowered prices by implementing several emerging technologies.

Matt Baron, APG’s VP of Marketing and Business Development, explains, “In January of this year, we completed a restructuring of the entire company, and recognized we could still provide five-star service to our agency clients without a fancy headquarters. We realized the best way to bring top-of-the-line products to our clients at the best possible prices was to do away with the traditional cubicle farm and move most of our employees to mobile offices. Plus, we have developed custom production software to raise efficiency in workflow, and transferred our entire data cluster to the cloud to reduce I.T. costs.”

APG offers video conferencing, which, Baron says, “allows us to provide online presentations to our clients, where they can see and discuss the products they might order, complete with a virtual representation of their customization in place, prior to purchasing.” The company’s web-based marketing software allows online purchasers to easily select from a catalog of 750,000 items. “Before we placed this information on the web, only our sales staff had access to this catalog. Clients couldn’t see the depth and breadth of products we had available,” Baron explains. “And our e-commerce technology offers clients 24/7/365 shopping convenience. These solutions are good for our company, our employees, and — most of all — the bottom lines for our agency clients.”

“Agency Promo Group’s standard has always been five-star service,” says Matt, proudly. “We’re a Worldwide Approved Supplier for McDonald’s, and we’ve been serving them with that philosophy for 35 years. We believe all our clients, large and small, deserve the same treatment.”

In that spirit of service, Matt and his team are now offering an informative E-Book, “Successful Sourcing of Branded Promo Products: 9 Insider Tips for Getting the Support Your Agency Needs,” free of charge, by calling APG at 847-297-7700, or click here to download your copy.

e-book-successful-sourcing of promo products


APG (formerly Prewards) has been in the family since Matt’s father started a small advertising specialties company in 1985. Since Matt started working with the business, it’s grown consistently, branching into branded marketing materials, custom apparel, trade show displays and event signage. APG has offices in Chicago, IL and Washington, DC, and will soon open a West Coast location.

The company is a certified woman-owned business, serving agencies and end-users alike since 1990 with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a commitment to five-star service.


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