Filtering Water Bottles – A Giveaway That Keeps On Giving

Refreshing, healthy, filtered water whenever you want!  Give your customers something they all can use – Anytime.  Anywhere.  Anybody.

Agency Promo Group’s filtering water bottle has a sleek, clear design with a comfortable rubber handle and built-in filtration system that gives the owner refreshing, clean water on the go.

People keep water bottles with them at all times during the day.  They bring their water bottles to work and leave them on their desks, where the whole office and all of their clients will see.  They also bring them along on activities such as hikes and social gatherings – places where those around will see your brand!

A water bottle with a filtration system is also very cost-effective.  The money spent on it will be earned back quickly in money people save not buying water bottles.  You get the same fresh water, and instead of paying more money every time, you can get it for a one-time payment at a very affordable price.


Health Facts:

– Health professionals will tell you – drinking filtered water throughout the day is a good way to stay healthy and energetic.  Using a filtered water bottle provides you with fresh, clean water throughout the day.  Health experts also say that drinking water should ideally become a habit, and bringing a water bottle along with you wherever you go is the best reminder to do this!  No matter your line of work or interests, this water bottle will help keep you hydrated and productive, so you can perform at your highest level.

– Dehydration is a problem.  Have you ever gotten a headache, or started to feel drowsy, and thought it just “came out of nowhere”?  It was probably due to dehydration.  Things like headaches, muscle pains, or confused and lethargic behavior can be attributed directly to dehydration.  To avoid these things taking you out of your element during the day, let this water bottle keep you hydrated all day.

– Another health issue cured by the filtration system in our water bottles is contamination from various different toxic materials.  Drinking water out of the sink tap in the break room or the water fountain in the hallway can be polluting your body with things like chlorine, lead, and bacterial contaminants.  A refrigerator filter is bulky and will have you running back and forth to the kitchen all day.  This water bottle with it’s own filter makes it easy for you to have healthy, refreshing water at your side all day long.

Agency Promo Group’s Filtering Water Bottles are healthy, portable, eye-catching and cost-effective.  Buy some for you and your customers today!

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